6. Next Silicon Valley
Meets Switzerland

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Platform for aspiring high-tech nations

After five very successful “Silicon Valley meets Switzerland” events that introduced Silicon Valley and leading startups, we feel it is time to expand the idea to NEXT Silicon Valley clusters.

While we NEVER suggested to copy Silicon Valley - as this is impossible anyway - we want to bring the spirit of it to Switzerland.

Now with “NEXT Silicon Valley meets Switzerland”, we invite aspiring countries who already have or develop a high-tech cluster and present what makes them unique.

For this event edition we will invite leading startups in Smart City technologies and also have experts for each ecosystem present the uniqueness and challenges.

We have two main goals with this event:

  • Showcase high-tech clusters to Switzerland and its main stakeholders.
  • Discuss and explore collaboration possibilities like investments, go-to- market and R&D partnerships.

You Should Attend If You Are:


Present your country as a high-tech nation.
Provide a platform to your local high-tech companies for market entry in Switzerland.
Connect with leading investors and innovation experts from corporates.

High-tech Investor

Meet government representatives from aspiring nations.
Meet promising international and Swiss startups.
Network with innovation managers from corporates.

Innovation Expert

Expand your rolodex to international high-tech clusters.
Meet government representatives from aspiring nations.
Meet promising international and Swiss startups.

High-tech Startup

Meet with high-tech investors with global perspectives.
Learn first hand from international success stories.
Meet government representatives from aspiring nations.
Network with innovation managers from corporates.

April 21, 2020

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Ralf Haller

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I have local and global business development experience, and bring depth to any project that I work on.

I am passionate about bringing together new ideas, high tech, and entrepreneurship. This has led me to teach "Global Innovation Ecosystems" at universities, where we explore how high-tech can breed new ideas in today's world and how it can be marketed globally. It has also led to me create, and head as President, the non-profit "High-Tech Connect Suisse" association, which encourages high-tech business development. I have organized 150+ high-tech business events in Switzerland and organized 15+ trips to Silicon Valley.

If you are interested in what I do and wish to connect with me for business or other opportunities, let's connect.